Top 7 Countries with the Fastest Internet Speed

In this article, you might be surprised to know about the top countries with the fastest internet speed. The countries mentioned in this article are also the ones that are very much advanced in technology. The technology in these countries are very high. Let’s start with the top 7.

Top 7: Portugal. This nation has the internet speed or connection speed of 8 mbps. It is actually quite fast compared to other countries that are not mentioned here. People living in this nation might be satisfied with their internet speed.

Top 6: Netherlands. The connection speed in this country is 9 mbps. That’s already quite fast. With this internet speed, people can quickly do their jobs as quick as the speed of their internet.

Top 5: France. Can you say anything about this country? The internet speed in this country is 18 mbps. It is no wonder, it was ranked as top 5!

Top 4: Sweden. The internet speed in this nation is the same as France biggest bridal shop. You might be wandering why it was ranked as top 4 and not equal with France because are trending in their place. Actually, the cost of internet here is the reason why it was raked as 4th because it’s website is the most visited one. What else you need more for your travel.  Get More Information from this agency to help you. They are a big help.

Top 3: Finland. Who wouldn’t like to live in this country? The internet speed here is 22 mbps. For sure, people don’t have any complaints regarding the internet speed, isn’t it?

Top 2: Korea. You might be asking yourself why Korea is ranked as the second with the fastest internet speed. You don’t have to doubt because the internet speed here is 46 mbps!

Top 1: Japan. It is no longer a surprise that this country has the fastest internet speed and searching of bridal shop is one of frequent thing that people do. Open this agency. This is best travel agency here 簽證. This is so great.