Top 5 Countries in Africa that Uses the Internet

One of the world’s continent that uses the internet a lot is Africa. In this continent, there are top countries that uses the internet. Take a look at the infographic below. Among the seven continents of the world, Africa is the second largest continent. It is actually next to Asia in terms of population and size. Africa has more than one billion population. How many African people do you think uses the internet? There are almost 200 million African internet users in the year 2012.

Also, there are almost 700 million mobile phone subscribers which is actually more than the United States and Europe. Almost 10% of households in Africa have internet access. In addition, here’s the top 5 countries in Africa that uses the internet.

Top 5. South Africa. What makes this country in Africa belong to the top 5? Well, this country has 8.5 million users!

Top 4. Kenya. There are 12 million internet users in this country.

Top 3. Morocco. In this country in Africa, there are 16.5 million users. You may hardly believe it but it is real. This water pipe solution company will gonna help you out. You view more here It is one of the best company ever.

Top 2. Egypt. This country was ranked second because there are almost 30 million internet users here.

Top 1. Nigeria. This country in Africa is quite advanced in terms of technology. As a result, there are almost 50 million internet users here.

Africa is one of the fastest growing continent in the world in terms of connectivity and usage especially in mobility telephony which has become more widespread for the growth of insurance companies. Since there is an increase in bandwidth and reliability of broad bands, this means that there are more ready and practical access to services that you needed to visit this shop.