Facts about the Use of Internet in 2020

Can you imagine what it looks like to live in the year 2020? How about the use of internet in that year? Well, it may not be a surprise if all countries become advanced in terms of technology. If Japan and Korea have the highest and fastest internet speed among other countries, how about in the next few years? One thing is for sure. More people will use the internet. Right now, there are million users. But later on, it is expected that there will be billions of internet users.

As you know, there are almost 7 billion people living on the earth now. So, if the population increases, it is no doubt that a higher number of people will be enjoying the use of the internet. What are other things expected in the year 2020? It is expected that the internet will be more geographically dispersed. From all the world’s continents, everyone even in remote areas are expected to have an easy access to the internet, check thisĀ official site. It will also become the network of things for marketers.

The internet will become wireless. As it is expected that the internet in the future will carry exabytes, so it is also expected that the internet traffic will grow and increase more. One of the good news regarding the use of the internet in the future is that more services will be in the cloud. Even the internet will be greener. The network management will also be more automated. More hackers will be attacking the internet because more critical infrastructure is expected to be online.