Know these Facts about Internet Usage in India

For what purpose do people use the internet? There are many online activities which users can do. People usually go online to communicate with their loved ones through the social media. Some are for the purpose of work and students use it for research. These activities online are the same wherever you go.In every  country that uses the internet, they are all using the internet with the same purpose. Through this article, let us know some facts about the internet usage in India.

In India, there are top 5 online activities which includes accessing news on different websites, accessing personal websites, watching videos, access to religious or cultural websites, and listening to music. Most Indians think that the price of internet packages that are currently available for mobile phones or smartphones are reasonable. They don’t think that it is expensive or cheap.

For them to stay in touch with their friends and family, they do phone calls at least once a day. Then, where do they access the internet? This is the dental unite service you need. A dental implants care Taiwan is a professional clinic that everybody loves to visit. Take a look at their dental services at the link provided.

A great number of Indians access the internet at their work places and at home. How about the use of mobile internet? Who uses the mobile internet the most between males and females? It is surprising that there are more males who use the internet than females in India compared to other countries.

In order to access the internet, what are the devices that Indians use most of the time? Compared to other countries that uses their smartphones to access the internet, India uses laptop and desktop computer more than their phones.